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Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Microverse has extensive experience of providing automation solutions for different kinds of processes in Chemical and Pharmaceutical plants, such as Reactor Automation, Batch/Continuous Distillations, Utilities Monitoring and Controls, AHU Controls, Monitoring and Controls of allied equipment like Heat Exchangers, Centrifuges etc.
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Metallurgical Processes

Microverse has provided automation systems for Electric Arc Furnaces, Copper Smelting, Electrolytic Refining of Copper, Zinc and Nickel and Heat Treatment Furnaces. For Electric Arc Furnaces we have provided end-to-end solutions catering to Raw Material Handling, Weighing and Batching, Furnace Feeding, Furnace Controls with Resistance and Current Control, Transformer and Auxiliary Equipment Monitoring and Control. We have supplied Cell Voltage Monitoring Systems for Electrolytic Refining processes.
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Captive Power Plants

Microverse has executed several automation projects for Captive Power Plants. This includes all the areas like Boiler and Burner Management System, Turbine, Coal Handling Plant, Auxiliaries, DM Plant. One of the most critical installation is for Department Of Atomic Energy. This plant has 3 Units, each with over 7000 I/Os. Some of the critical I/Os and Closed loops are provided with triple redundancy.
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Oil and Gas

Microverse has rich experience in handling hazardous and runaway processes involving Hydrocarbons. This enables us to take up projects in Oil and Gas industry. One of such projects is Butane and Propane handling facility at Jetty # 13 at New Mangalore Port Trust.
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Recent Developments

Microverse rolled out ‘Electronic Supervisor’, a unique product configured out of latest controller family MICROSYS 3200 ET. This product provides a cost effective solution for typical problems faced by manually controlled batch process plants viz. variations in batch time, inconsistent quality, safety issues, inadequate accountability and reporting of workers/managers.