Product Description

Advanced automation system, which can be deployed as DCS, PLC, SCADA, Emergency Shutdown System, RTU, Multi-loop Controller. This is a cost effective automation system for applications as small as 16 I/Os to over 10,000 I/Os.

Salient Features

  • Extremely compact system
  • Low power consumption
  • Voltage and current limited inputs meeting hazardous area requirements
  • Can be configured as remote I/O based control system; savings in cabling costs
  • True DCS Platform with common database for all the controllers in the network
  • Special tools for development of logic for Batch / Sequential processes. Control logic can be configured in .xls format and downloaded in system
  • Built-in voice processing hardware and software. Event-based audio messages can be sent over Public Address System
  • Built-in tools for event-based SMS alerting

Product Applications

  • Batch Processes
  • Continuous processes  
  • Mix of Batch + Continuous Processes  
  • Power plants 
  • Material Handling Systems 
  • Product dispensing systems  
  • Advanced Process Control  (APC)

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Download Product Catalogue – MICROSYS 3200

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