Microverse Automation Pvt Ltd was formed in 1989 by a group of technocrats with a mission to indigenously develop automation systems. The motivation was to come up with an affordable technology which compares well in terms of features and performance to that available from MNCs. In the past 30 years of operations, the company has successfully executed several prestigious contracts for DCS with over 10,000 I/Os and features such as triple redundancy for mission-critical applications. The business expertise lies in providing automation solutions for different kinds of processes in Chemical/ Pharmaceutical/ Metallurgical plants, Captive Power Plants, and Oil and Gas industry. Competing with MNC, Microverse, today has over 150 installations in India and has established excellent references in Bhutan, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, and DR Congo.

Microverse is now a proud business partner of Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation, Japan. One of the major objectives of Microverse - Hitachi collaboration is to promote DCS MICROSYS 3200 ET and associated products developed by Microverse in domestic and international markets.